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Authors: Animallover55

Genre: New Adult

Update: 12-11-2022

Status: Completed

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*Book 2 of the Saint J's Boys*

"Please," Logan gave me a heartwarming smile. "Call me Lo."
"Alright," I crossed my arms over my chest. "What's your story, Lo?"
His eyebrow raised up at me as his smile suddenly turned into a smirk, "Where do I even begin..."
Unlike every other story, this one isn't about a girl. It's about a boy. But like all stories, it's about falling in love.
Logan-aka Lo-has a found a way to cope with his depression: Dance. When he finds out that his favorite dance studio is going to close down, he embarks on a mission to save it. By his side, Harper Ross. A freshman at the university who is dedicated to dance as much as Logan is.
Naturally, the girl Logan starts to fall for already has a boyfriend. So how does someone as broken and unsure as Logan open up to someone with so much life and energy? For Lo, loving and losing is better than never loving at all. But can losing love also mean losing everything?
Warning: This book does contain references to depression. I decided to write this because a lot of this world is misinformed or misguided by what depression truly is. This story is about love, but it's also about how something like depression and anxiety can affect everyone you love around you. If this isn't for you, that's fine. But if you trust me, I'll take you through an incredible journey.

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Chapter 1--Cheers, To A Good Day

Chapter 2--Chicken Omelette's or Strawberry Jam Toast?

Chapter 3--Waltzing Into Your Life

Chapter 4--Bad Case of Swedish Fish

Chapter 5--Playing Jenga

Chapter 6--Dogs Before Dames

Chapter 7--Confetti Poppers For Those That Die

Chapter 8--That 80's Grooving

Chapter 9--The Kind Demonic One-Eyed Cat

Chapter 10--Clint Eastwood Would Be Proud

Chapter 11--Something Forced, Something Fake

Chapter 11.5--In A Few Years, Look Back And Smile

Chapter 12--The Cake From France

Chapter 13--Turning Alright

Chapter 14--You'd Think Game Of Thrones Is Already Awkward Enough

Chapter 15--The Matching Black Widow Sibilings

Chapter 16--Wishing There's A Turn Off Switch

Chapter 16.5--Dirty Dancing 2.0

Chapter 17--Double The Trouble Like Jessie And James

Chapter 17.5--The Proper Distance To Keep Away From A Campfire

Chapter 18--Thanksgiving With The Sanders

Chapter 19--The Truth Isn't Always What You Want

Chapter 19.5--Thanksgiving With The Williamson's

Chapter 20--Whipping That Whipped Cream

Chapter 21--Let's Play A Little Game, Shall We?

Chapter 21.5--Even Dancing Doesn't Relieve This Tension

Chapter 22--It's The Thought That Truly Counts

Chapter 23--Meet The Saint J's Boys

Chapter 23.5--The Only Person I Want To Dance With

Chapter 24--Throw Your Middle Finger Up To Society

Chapter 25--The Bad Case Of Loneliness

Chapter 26--But Really, What Do You Want?

Chapter 27--Lonely Little Fellow

Chapter 27.5--We're All Eagles With Badass Scars

Chapter 28--Angsty Teen Books People Seem To Love

Chapter 29--Sometimes Running Away Helps

Chapter 30--Welcome to Miami

Chapter 31--The Misfits of the Misfits

Chapter 32--The Best Boy You Could Have Asked For

Chapter 33--The Pizza Man is a Monumental Betrayal

Chapter 34-Where is the Zen in Buddha Bowls?

Chapter 35--He Kissed A Boy, But He Didn't Like It

Chapter 36--I'll Be Good

Chapter 37--- Finding Yourself

Chapter 38 -- Finding Your Dance Partner


Author's Note

New Story - Mason

Chapter 22--