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love yourself | 박 지민

Authors: statistaecs

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 18-08-2019

Status: Completed

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❝ (name)... Maybe other people can't see how beautiful you can be, how different, how you can brought them in that little wondering mind of yours, that can always leave me hanging and waiting for more. ❞

❝ If you ask me again, I won't get tired reminding you about it. And trust me, there would be even more reason to be proud of, as I unravel more surprising things about you. ❞

The sincerity in his voice was too much, that (name) herself was at lost of words, how? Just how perfect this man can ever be, that these words of his can immediately pull her at ease, setting away all her doubts and questions in a snap of his fingers.

Just how is he even capable in taming her uncontrollable emotions that easily? Just how? It's terrifying.

[ p. jm x reader ]


DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN the photos/videos/ nor Park Jimin himself (BTS), being brought up/presented/introduced within this story. All belong to their rightful owners.

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