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Love....Such A Silly Game We Play

Authors: StaceyTaylor86

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 30-08-2022

Status: Completed

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Melanie (aka Mel) has just moved to Indiana. She, is eighteen and is in her last year of high school. Her mom is a nurse and works a lot of late shifts. They had to move for a couple of reasons. The first one being because of Mel. She was extremely bullied both physically and mentally for years and years, before she ever told her mom. She became suicidal and the attempt she made by slitting her wrist, her mother found out after that, what had been going on. Immediately, Mel became home schooled. The other reason also, was that her mom found a better job in Indiana near the city she had grown up at. Mel then decided that she was going to try and see if she can go to school and have as close to a real high school Senior year experience. Soon she found out that no matter where she goes, that the bullying was just as bad. Especially after meeting the hottest badboy in school....

Anthony is gonna be eighteen in a couple months and is known as the hottest badboy and 'I don't do relationships' kind of a guy, of the school that every girl wants to screw and all the guys fear him. His father is a wealthy man that he doesn't let people know he's his son for certain reasons. One of them being the obvious. But there are other's also.

what happens when a broken, depressed, curvy girl comes to school and they meet?

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