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Love Grows

Authors: livvypool

Genre: New Adult

Update: 27-09-2022

Status: Ongoing

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When Rosemary Anderson walked into The Dead Rabbit, a bar in downtown New York, she never expected what would come next.

Late one spring night in 1972, she went to drink off the pain of her boyfriend of four years breaking up with her. Instead of feeling the worst pain of her life, it's completely changed when her best friend who left her after highschool walks in. It's Marley Stanford, the drummer of Not Today, the biggest psychedelic rock band in the entire world. They reconnect and he offers her a job as a roadie for the band.

She accepts, and when she finds out what Marley's been doing behind closed doors, she storms out of his hotel room; almost as soon as she gets there. She feels that maybe it was the best decision of her life, though, when she bumps into Raymond Lawson, another band member, and she falls head over heels for him..

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