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Love Fool (Hunter's Story) | One Night Only Series

Authors: JenniferFarwell

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 22-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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LOVE/CELEBRITY ⋆ When a secret about Hunter Gray's new girlfriend is exposed and leaves his life in chaos, he must work through fear and past hurt for the life and love he wants more than anything.


Love is the last thing Hunter Gray is looking for when he trades his high school hellscape for summer at the lake. His only plan while he's there is avoiding the ex-girlfriend he caught cheating on him, and the ex-best-friend she cheated on him with.

Then Hunter meets Deni Reese, his new lake neighbor from Los Angeles. Overnight, his summer of solitude turns into days of boat rides, bonfires, and a crush on Deni that's harder to hide each time they're together. When he finds out why Deni and her mom swapped southern California for lake life in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, it only amplifies his feelings more.

But Deni has a secret she's keeping from everyone this summer, including Hunter. When the truth comes out, it upends his life in ways he never could have imagined and puts him, Deni, and their families in danger. Amid the chaos his world becomes, Hunter must decide if giving his heart away again is worth the risk, or if he's a fool to believe in love with Deni.


Love Fool may be read as a standalone novel, or as a companion novel to One Night Only, which is also published on Wattpad. Love Fool is Hunter's story, while One Night Only is told from Deni's point of view.

Teen Fiction / Teen Romance / Young Adult / YA Romance / Teen Love