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Lookalikes | Jenlisa

Authors: bpffwriter

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 30-03-2023

Status: Completed

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Lisa Manoban and Lilli Kim are two different women in their mid 20s living completely opposite lives. One is a middle-class waitress while other is the owner of a multi-billion dollar empire. But the only thing common between them is that Lisa looks exactly like Lilli.

Due to some occurrences, Lisa is forced to replace Lilli and become Lilli Kim. Though reluctant at first, she takes up the job in order to save her mother without knowing the dangers that will come along with it.

Living as Lilli Kim, Lisa meets Jennie Kim, Lilli's fiancée and falls in love with her. Lisa also mends the relationships in Lilli's life with her charming personality and searches for the person who wants to harm Lilli, oblivious that she herself is a bait.

Lisa finds her life at stake as the person try to harm her thinking she's Lilli. Lisa's mind is also confused as her feelings grow for Jennie. Admist all this, the real Lilli comes back.

What will happen when both Lisa and Lilli's lives are threatened? And will Jennie realize the truth? Will Lisa be able to keep her feelings for Jennie and give her up to Lili?

Read the story to find out!!