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Light and Shadow - Wanda Maximoff [1]

Authors: starsandspells

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 12-04-2020

Status: Completed

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Auralie Shadow was left broken at a young age, betrayed by the person she loved the most. She turned her back on love and trust, only truly caring for the woman who adopted her as a sister, Maria Hill. Shield took her in and trained her to control her powers over light. She devoted herself to them, but she didn't truly have a purpose, not until the Avengers Initiative comes around. The Avengers give her a home and a purpose, but no one can fix her broken heart. But that may change when a magical young woman that practically everyone fears comes into her world. Auralie has never met anyone like her.

Her name is Wanda Maximoff, but people call her the Scarlet Witch.

(Pre-The Avengers - Post-Infinity War)


Extended Summary



Prologue: Life Crumbles Away

Part One: Eclipse

i. Status Quo

ii. Maria Hill

iii. Searching in the Dark

iv. Imminent Betrayal

v. Shattered Like Glass

vi. Waking Up

vii. Sparring

viii. Fury and the Hawk

ix. A Secret File

x. Vintage Trading Cards

xi. An Unwelcome Visitor

xii. Shield Goes To War

xiii. The Captain

xiv. Brought Together

xv. Shoot to Thrill

xvi. A Little Thunder

xvii. Galaga

xviii. Shield's Secrets

xix. Cooperation

xx. Time Bomb

xxi. Lever

xxii. There Was An Idea

xxiii. We Have A Hulk

xxiv. Battle of New York

xxv. Circle of Heroes

xxvi. Incoming

xxvii. The Avengers Will Return

xxviii. Fond Memories of Shawarma

Special Chapter: Aesthetics

xxix. On Your Left

xxx. Multitasking

xxxi. Compartmentalization

xxxii. When the Boss Calls

xxxiii. Chasing a Ghost

xxxiv. Anyone Wanna Get Out

xxxv. Another Ally

xxxvi. Undercover Kiss

xxxvii. Zola

xxxviii. Sam's House

xxxix. It's Hers

XL. Who The Hell Is Bucky?

XLI. Maria Hill to the Rescue

XLII. The Price of Freedom

XLIII. Stepping on a Moment

XLIV. Giving Rides

XLV. Aftermath

XLVI. Nothing More Horrifying Then A Miracle

Part Two: Scarlet Witch

i. Language

ii. Excelsior

iii. Creepy Parody

iv. The Twins

v. Confrontation

vi. Mind Games

vii. The Farm

viii. The Train

ix. The Mind Stone

x. Sokovia

xi. None of This Makes Sense

xii. Together

xiii. It Felt Like That

xiv. Avengers..........

xv. Nightmares

xvi. Kindred Souls

xvii. Illumination and Magic

xviii. Deep Connection

xix. Time Stops

xx. Crossbones

xxi. Undeserved Hate

xxii. Funerals and Finding Bucky

xxiii. The Panther

xxiv. Trigger Words

xxv. Running

xxvi. Controlling Fear

xxvii. The Captain's Team

xxviii. Underoos

xxix. Civil War

xxx. Gi-Ant Man

xxxi. Prison

xxxii. Package for Tony Stank

xxxiii. Fugitives

xxxiv. Two Hearts Among Billions

xxxv. A Family Of Sorts

xxxvi. Stars

Part Three: A Magical Love

i. Intergalactic Threat

ii. Under Attack

iii. Friends To The Rescue

iv. Return To The Compound

v. Reunion in Wakanda

vi. Prepping For War

vii. Open The Gates

viii. Thor's Arrival

ix. She's Not Alone

x. More Powerful Than An Infinity Stone

xi. Snap

xii. Lost

xiii. Saving Tony Stark

xiv. Buzz Him In

xv. A Dangerous Plan

xvi. Recruiting Ronin

xvii. The Machine (The "Reversinator" according to Scott and Ali)

xviii. Battle Royale

xix. Pushing Limits

xx. Return of the Witch

xxi. Chaos Magic

xxii. Broken Power

xxiii. Scarlet Shadows

xxiv. Searching For Truth

xxv. Ghosts of the Past

xxvi. Into the Dark

xxvii. Following A Shadow

xxviii. History Repeats

xxix. A Choice Never Made

xxx. Light Among Dark

xxxi. True Love

xxxii. Auralie Maximoff

xxxiii. In The End

xxxiv. Long Overdue

xxxv. A Team Fights Together

xxxvi. Love Is Forever

Epilogue: Facing the Demons Together

Bonus Chapter: Pietro Maximoff; Professional Mood Killer

Bonus Chapter: Violets


End Credits Scene (This is Marvel After All)