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Levi x Reader One-Shots

Authors: Mattie_Beilschmidt

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 15-09-2017

Status: Completed

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Simple Levi x Reader one-shots! Note: Most of these are directed towards Levi x (Female) Reader, but I can write yaoi if requested! (F/N)= First Name, (L/N)= Last Name, (Full/N)= Full Name, (e/c)= eye color, (h/c)= hair color.


Levi x Reader One-Shots

Levi x Reader (Modern Time) ~ Out On The Town

Levi x Reader ~ One Long Night

Drunk Levi x Reader ~ Drunk Fun

Levi x Cold Reader ~ Warmth

Levi x Reader ~ Secret Drawings

Parent Levi x Child Reader (Modern Time) ~ Little Brat

Levi x Injured Reader ~ Painful Tension

Thug Levi x Poor Reader ~ Hateful Love

Levi x Sad Reader ~ Endless Crying

Teacher Levi x Rebellious Student Reader [R-13/18?] (Modern Time) ~ Detention

Sick Levi x Reader ~ Infectious

Levi x Injured (Dead) Reader ~ Soulmate

Student Levi x Student Reader (Modern Time) ~ Studying

Doctor Levi x Nurse Reader (Modern Time) ~ Training

Husband Levi x Reader [R-18] (Modern Time) ~ Anniversary

(Rewrite) Thug Levi x Poor Reader ~ Hateful Love

Yandere Levi x Reader ~ Punishment

Butler Levi x Reader [R-18] (Modern Time) ~ Orders

Teacher Levi x Reader (Modern Time) ~ Improvement

Angry Levi x Angry Reader ~ Management

Levi x Reader (Eren's Sister) ~ Unwanted Relations

Submissive Levi x Reader [R-13/18?] ~ Dominance

Levi x Chubby Reader ~ Insecurities

(Songfic) Ex Levi x Dating Reader ~ I Want You Back

Levi x Celebrity Reader (Modern Time) ~ Paparazzi

Mafia Levi x Slave Reader (Modern Time) ~ Debt & Betrayal

Prince Levi x Reader ~ Savior

Levi x Self-Harm Reader ~ Comfort

Teacher Levi x Rebellious Student Reader (Part 2) [R-13/18?] ~ Innocent

Levi x Denying Reader ~ Overthinking

Depressed/Drunk Levi x Bartender Reader (Modern Time) ~ Regrets

Child Levi x Child Reader ~ Thieves

Actor Levi x Actress Reader (Modern Time) ~ Tension

Determined Levi x Male Reader [R-18] (Modern Time) ~ Unnoticeable

Self-Harm Levi x Reader ~ Lying

Levi x Coffee Shop Employee Reader (Modern Time) ~ Caring

Vampire Levi x Reader (Modern Time) ~ Different Taste

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