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Let Me Go (Coming Soon)

Authors: ChasingMadness24

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 18-05-2023

Status: Ongoing

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"I tightened the grasp around the baseball bat, raising it in preparation to swing. My heart sunk into the deep, bottomless abyss that was my stomach when I caught sight of Caleb climbing into my room through my broken window."

Savannah King vowed to take her own life at five o' clock Sunday night.

That was until childhood best friend and boy next door Caleb Cooke threw a brick and broke her window in order to get into her house. Before he begged her to drive him across country to Harvard so he could confess his feelings to his ex girlfriend before they headed their separate ways for good.

Desperate to get away from home, Savannah takes the challenge.

Little did she know Caleb is nothing like the angry little boy that broke her heart years before. Little did she know he was the little light she needed to move on.

Through a road trip and a series of promised pranks and learned lessons, Savannah realizes that maybe there's more to life than just surviving.