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Lambert X Luna | true love?

Authors: BritishDrink

Genre: New Adult

Update: 08-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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The harsh white of winter has arrived and making its presence known by sending cold storms throughout a forest and the land around it. In an open area of said forest, grounds were set up by a settled cult, trying its best like everything else to maintain and survive the unforgiving season.
Within said cult, you will follow the first-person perspective of a follower, Luna, who is a loyal and heavy believer in the teachings of the cult's imprisoned god, and the leader, a lamb who should have died.
He will soon discover, through deep emotional connections, a feeling his mind has been suppressing ever since he joined the cult, and question what he really truly wants. Or rather... *who* he really truly wants.
(Luna's appearance is that of a blue cat with yellow paint markings on his face. Refer to the in-game second variant of the cat follower form. Original character, in the sense that I just made them up on spot. (thanks, smug))
(story is fully complete! hope you enjoy it; it was fun to write!)

yeah, this is gay cult of the lamb smut, because why not
i'm aware that lambert is genderless in-game, but my head-canon is that they're male
shoutout to my really gay friends on discord for helping with ideas and such
i was listening to joji - can't get over you, on loop, while writing this