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KNY "The Accursed Pillar" (shinobu kocho x male reader)

Authors: Cipher-productions

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 08-06-2023

Status: Ongoing

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-"I keep seeing this... Place..."-

[Y/N]'s finds himself without being able to know what happened to him, not sure what to do to solve his problems, the only option for him is just to play with the cards that he have until discovering the thing he's searching , but it will be enough for him? Or what else he could find that's better than what he wants?

It will matter in the end? A tragedy will send him down in a spyral that lead to a deep desolation as his choices will eventually result in the most crushing part of his life, as how his decisions and the pursuit of his goals will turn his anyone who was in his side into foes. In the end what could be the reason behind his actions? For his Inextinguishable anger? Or maybe for love? Or perhaps just because he just find enjoyment in it?

Those who turned against him will get him? Or a curse will consume him first?

Important notes.
-I do not own the characters created by koyoharu gotouge neither the music videos used for this fanfic.

-Amateur project, there will be multiple spell mistakes and derivatives.

-This story would not follow at certain points the same storyline of kyn also certain elements of this story are not part from the official lore of the characters/story .

-There will be spoilers for kny in general.

-There would be a bit of descriptive gore.