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Knives and Kisses

Authors: awkward_tumbleweed

Genre: New Adult

Update: 17-09-2021

Status: Ongoing

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[2nd in the SEAL Team Dawn Series]

[ATTENTION: Due to plagiarism, I have taken down the rest of the chapters and uploaded them onto aJoara Novels under awkward_tumbleweed. Please see my profile for more info.]

Sam hasn't dated anyone in a while, so when she starts a relationship with one Arthur "Kid" Morran, a Navy SEAL, it's sufficient to say she's a little bit out of her depth.

Of course, she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Arthur is almost everything she ever wants in a man. Almost because Arthur has skeletons in his closet. Not that Sam thought otherwise-she has a few of her own, but at least hers doesn't call in the dead of the night with news of her family's abduction.

It quickly becomes obvious that there's more to Arthur than he's ever shown anyone, and that's how Sam finds herself swept up in a dangerous game of cloak and dagger with a boyfriend she suddenly doesn't recognize beside her and a whole team of Navy SEALs behind them.

Sam can only hope for the best outcome...and even that is not looking too bright.

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