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Kissing School

Authors: Scriitor

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 27-05-2018

Status: Completed

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"Alright. I got this far. What next Mr. Teacher?" He laughs at me. Actually laughs at me! If he thinks that just because his laugh is one of the sexiest sounds ever that he can get away with laughing at me, he is so wrong. My anger is lost the second his fingers start caressing their way up my leg, landing on my hip which is where they stay.
"First lesson: the art of teasing." I can do this one. It'll be just like the other night in his living room. Give him just enough to leave him wanting more. However, even though I know a lot about teasing, I think I'm about to learn a whole hell of a lot more.
Looking directly into Cameron's eyes, I see how they are twinkling with the excitement of this lesson. I have a feeling I am in way over my head.
Cameron is Amanda's best friend's brother. After a night of restlessness, Cameron agrees to teach Amanda how to kiss her way to a boyfriend, but there is only one tiny problem. She doesn't want just any boyfriend. She wants the guy she has been in love with for years, and he just agreed to take her to Kissing School.