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Kingston Beginning's (Final Kingston Series Book)

Authors: unknownn2020

Genre: New Adult

Update: 23-08-2021

Status: Completed

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*This is a prequel to the Kingston Series that begins with Tanner's Trouble and the FINAL BOOK TO THE SERIES!*


THIS IS THE LAST AND FINAL BOOK OF THE KINGSTON SPIN-OFF SERIES! It's not apart of the whole series but it goes back and tells the story of two main characters!

*I do not own the pictures in this book!*

Grace Brixton has been living the worst life possible. From a straight up horrible relationship with her parents, to the fact that her grandmother is on her last leg, and her only hope. So doing the last thing she'd ever want to do, she decides to take a job for a rich football family.

Little did she know that she'd met him, her first day of her new high school during her senior year. The man who made her fall in love, Channing Beau Kingston, the quarterback.


"Don't do that again" I demand laughing at him as he smiles at me. His hands move to the back of my thighs again as he nods. "Yes ma'am" he tells me leaning to my height as he seals his lips over mine kissing me. I don't stop him from moving his tongue into my mouth as I hold his head softly and he moves my body closer to his. He grips me by my back when he starts kissing down the side of my cheek to my neck. He moves to my clavicle kissing it and moving up as he starts sucking on my neck, and it feels so good.

I don't stop him as I rub his head and shoulder blade softly, he makes his way up, and he kisses me again as I push my tongue into his mouth this time. I don't really know what I'm doing, but when he bites my lip and pushes his chest to where it's touching mine my hormones go crazy for him.

"Make me stop" he tells me pulling away to kiss down the opposite side of my neck.

"Make me stop Grace" he tells me again kissing my lips again. "Don't ever stop kissing me" I demand to him meaning it as I grab both sides of his face and bring his lips to mine, I feel confident for the first time in my life, and he makes me feel good.