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Keeper of The Seal {Book Two}

Authors: kovuandhp

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 07-09-2022

Status: Ongoing

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** ON GOING **

This is the sequel to White Wolf Legacy and I highly recommend you read it first.


"You're entire bloodline has been eradicated. Your position is now worthless and your life is now in my hands"

Pulling against the iron chains I said...

"My life will never be in the hands of any man"


Brienna Alexandria Corbec, was the Eldest Princess of the ruling Vampiric Empire of the Kingdom of Vamiscerah. That was of course, until one Vampire plotted the total annihilation of her entire family line. With her position as heir apparent unclear, and with her subjects accusing her of a crime she did not commit, she must work hard to regain the trust of her people and defeat her hidden enemies. Whilst also procuring an alliance between Vampires and Werewolves alike.

To complicate matters even further, she must struggle to deal with the growing bond she has with her Werewolf Mate, Alec. And his disappointment in their pairing. Will her Mate finally accept her for who she is?

Will she prevent a war which has not occurred between two species in almost 150 years?

And ... will she regain her birth right which was so cruelly stripped away from her by her 500 year old fiance? A fiance, not quite willing to let her go.