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Kantai Collection: The Ghost Fleet

Authors: _KMS_Hood_

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 09-05-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Today is April 19th 2020. Almost two years have passed since the creatures known as the abyssals made themselves known to the world after basically turning New York, Miami and multiple cities along both the Californian coastline and coast of North and South Carolina to ashes. Our modern technology was useless...up until we learned of the ship girl fleet. In October of 2019 the United States Navy sent an admiral to the Japanese Naval Base stationed near Tokyo Bay. The USN has about 25 ship girls and MJSDF has 60 the present date. However...Though the war is still raging, a new fleet has made themselves known as well. A fleet of black warships that appear and disappear without a trace, except for burning abyssals sinking back to the depths in their wake. The new flagship of the Ghost Fleet being a Leviathan-Class Super Battleship, her hull number BB-175 and the ship itself named "GFS Specter". Multiple reports of other jet black warships of various classes and types have been made before her first voyage but nobody could get any solid proof that they existed. This gave them the name "The Ghost Fleet". During a sortie the Japanese and American ship girls encountered one of these vessels...the newest flagship, while engaging an abyssal fleet. Her pole flew two different flags, the modern US Flag and a black flag with 3 red claw marks that looked bloody going across it. The ship was unlike anything anyone had seen before. The battleship looked like an Montana but was longer...and heavily armed and armored. Her guns rotated towards the abyssals before firing a full broadside. The cannons roared as shells screamed through the air towards their targets. who's ship is this and where did it come from? And is it a friend or foe?

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