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Kaiju Girls: hell on earth

Authors: DevilRayRex

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 21-10-2022

Status: Ongoing

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After the events of 2014 gojira and the rest of the kaijus decided to rest until they noticed something was wrong, a prophecy that gojira's father knew and took to his grave, the awakening of an ancient beast. A monster even he feared. As for ghidorah? She prayed to whatever god that would listen that it would not come true but little does she know it has already begun.

Godzilla and the kaiju girls are owned by their respected owner

I take NO ownership of them and artwork except my oc's.

This story is Mature so if y'all start saying "tHiS StOrY rUiNeD mY cHiLd" or some shit like that you knew D A M N well it was rated mature in the title so I don't wanna hear it Karens!

Whew, anyway! Hope you enjoy my story so far if you are currently reading it, and if not, please give it a chance! 🙏🏿