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Its Tidal,

Authors: _itsKevin

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 13-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Yeah,its tidal🤩

He remembers storming towards Aidan,pushing him by his chest and watching him losing his balance as shock and panick crossed his face...realising what he was about to go through.

Back then his mind was still young,and so ,being a kid,he rushed back to his room and face first on the bed,and began to sob.

Meanwhile Aidan laid at the bottom,blood oozing from his body,his eyes flattered and finally shut,and an unsettling silence settled on on the premises....


My first work on wattpad, so yeah, get in there and don't get left out on this amazing journey as I take you through teenage drama, a group of teens living life full of crime, romance💔, deceit😭 ,betrayal 🔫, and long forgotten family secrets, all in one book🔥🔥🔥_
Tidal!!...I can bet that you won't regret reading this!

No major warnings over here , the book is suitable for all the teens out there and older generation, no vulgar words or language,🖐️😂just a fu book to read. And lastly, feel free to talk to me, yeah so without wasting another second, hit that "read" button and jump right in!!!!...

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