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inazuma eleven ares x reader "Footfall Frontier!"

Authors: Sensei__Chan

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 26-10-2022

Status: Completed

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⚠️Warning bad English ahead!

Book cover: @dolustoy on twitter and pixiv.

Inakunijima Island is an isolated island and very less known from people, your parents decides to live there in order to give you a peaceful life.

You mostly live there for the rest of your life until... You finally find your passion, the thing you are good at. Soccer.

You also made friends there when you fount out there was a soccer club, but this club doesn't last long until the new rule of soccer needing a sponsor to keep the club open, the principal of your school gives you a chance to continue playing soccer.

Taking the place of the Raimon Eleven and participate to the football frontier, wich is a dream for you.

But the more you stay in the league, the more you meet people and the more... You get close to them.

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