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In Some Other Life.

Authors: Sweetkarmic

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 24-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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~ It feels like we are old souls, which we didn't get a chance to stay together in our past life but we hope we will eventually meet each other in some other life.

I know this is the life and the right time we are waiting for a very long time. Even though we didn't know, our souls know ~


Ever since there's a house build up near Kate's town. She has a strange connection to the house. She thought that the feeling she has is for any kind of person or it's because she was attracted towards the house, which is weird then She decided to find out but she didn't get chance to and she hopes to visit the house and meet the people who live in that house. Even though she thinks she won't get a chance to visit the house. She believes in some other life, there will be the same house like this and she will visit it.

In some other life is a romantic, comfortable and heartwarming novel which includes fate, soulmate and friendship.

This book will tell you what is friendship, to keep hope and find the perfect person just by following your heart.

started: 17, January 2021

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