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In Bullets, Blades, and Prejudices (GusLey/MLBB fanfic)

Authors: fshgrmgmi

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 07-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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When Lesley was adopted into the Vance family, her life has begun a wild turn. From carrying a gun and covered in dust and sweat all day from training, to wearing dresses, heels that hurt her feet, and making sure to use proper words a lady should use.
It wasn't easy for her, but she have to endure it and be greatful for a chance she never thought would come to her life after a tragic event.
But what she doesn't like the most about being a member of a noble family, is the tradition of being betrothed to someone she haven't met.
Enter Gusion Paxley, the youngest son of the Paxley household, is a handsome, full of charisma of a young man, is a rebel yet a gentleman that Lesley thought he's a playboy, but as time passes by and she get to know him well proved her wrong about her intuition and grew to like him bit by bit.
Yet Gusion's heart is not available for Lesley to have, for he is in love with someone that Lesley knew from the beginning she will not have a chance against.

Will Lesley be able to take over Gusion's heart? Or will she have to share him with the girl he desires?