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Impossible Secret (Cuphead x Reader)

Authors: HoneyCappuccino

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 05-03-2021

Status: Ongoing

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So hence the title this is a Cuphead x Reader story.
[Ahem, you are the younger adopted sister of Bendy and Boris. They are protective over you and when I say protective I mean VERY protective. They hardly let you do anything on your own as they are afraid you'll have an ink attack at any moment (as you have the same disease as Bendy) but after what happened at your last high school, you've had to leave everything behind and start a new. New Friends, New Enemies, New Problems to face. But hey, that's all part of school life am I right? (Well expect for the whole enemies thing)
Anyway, everything was going smoothly until a certain someone enters your life and everything after that changes. For the better or for the worst?]
(Btw in the story You, Boris and Mugman are all 16 and Bendy and Cuphead are 17. Everyone mentioned is around that age, unless told otherwise)
[This story also may include Lemon and Cussing, just warning ya now.]