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Genre: New Adult

Update: 27-10-2022

Status: Ongoing

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[on hold]

I always find myself lost in confusion, until, of course, you came. now all I ever get lost in was those eyes, the very eyes that found me and understood every part of me.

I got to know you, discover the things you like and dislike, things about your life, I got to know 'you', everything that makes you 'you', does that make sense? well, I meant the books you like, your fright when it comes to toads, your oddly comforting room, your messy desk, your life in general.

never had I ever wanted to be a part of something so bad, until I met you, I discovered that I want to be a part of those things, part of your life, part of those things that makes you happy, a part of you.

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