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I'm A Depp (A Johnny Depp Fanfic)

Authors: BlueMoonWolves

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 23-12-2022

Status: Completed

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Skylar is just a young orphan girl who lost her "parents" to a fatal car crash at just 1yr old. Unfortunately, she was placed in an orphanage ran by the woman whose sister was also killed in that crash. She suffers at the hands of the orphanage headmistress and some of the other children for years. What happens when she's saved by a certain stranger named Johnny? Will her life change ever so drastically once again? How many more changes will she endure before she can finally settle in. Find out by reading Skylar's story.

Tw: there is some abuse/bullying in this story. There also may be some grammer mistakes.

Also, Johnny is 27yrs old when this story begins. But the story takes place in recent times. Treat it as if he was born June 9th, 1994 lol