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Hundred Percent It's You (COMPLETED)

Authors: SkyyyEvans

Genre: New Adult

Update: 09-05-2022

Status: Completed

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Emily Marshall, the "beauty with brain" . Loving him that much terrified her. Her brief but passionate encounter with him pushes her to question herself. Wondering whether she could handle this dangerous man, questioning herself if she could overcome all the risks that were ahead of them, and the thought of losing him terrified her.

Jayden Walker, a man who's first priority will always be the order of his country. Being the captain of the US Special Forces Units, and at the same time being a man who is fucking in love is challenging. But the country better watch it, because this soldier is about to break all the rule for her.

His priority is about to change....

All the EVENTS, and CHARACTERS in the story is all just a fiction.