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Honkai Impact 3: Entering the Past

Authors: AdvanceGamer

Genre: Adventure

Update: 11-01-2023

Status: Completed

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Noah was a student in St Freya. He was assigned a task with two other people. These two people were his friends/Family, their names are Mei and Carole.

Sadly during the mission Noah was killed, but someone or something decided to give him a second chance at life but not in the way that he expected.

When Noah awoke he found himself falling from the sky and after a while he figures out that he was brought back to the past.

What will Noah do now? Will he try to change the past for a better future... or will he leave it as it is? But seeing his past Friend/Family member so happy made his choice very easy to decide.

(There will be Smut chapters, I don't do request but will take them into consideration)