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His Muffin

Authors: AllyStone23

Genre: New Adult

Update: 24-11-2022

Status: Completed

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Amaya Rose.
she is sweet and also very good at baking.
she ignores her attraction for him because she doesn't know who he is, all she knows is that he works in the same building as her.
what happens when she realizes he is her boss?

Xavier Knight.
He isn't nice to people unless he is close to them.
But he has a soft spot for the girl who makes muffins for him?

Sneak peek:
I look at the time, 6:01, she is talking to him cause I'm a minute late? I need to start being exact again.

"Hey muffin," I greet, cutting whatever he was saying off.

"Hello sir," she smiles, God, her smile. Fuck.

"I'll be there Blake, I promise," be where? Why is she promising him that? Why do I care? Why am I questioning everything when it comes to this girl?

*This book contains sexually explicit scenes*