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Read His Desire ✔️ (COMPLETED) -

His Desire ✔️ (COMPLETED)

Authors: crazywriter1116

Genre: New Adult

Update: 06-04-2021

Status: Completed

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Alina was ecstatic when she got selected for an internship in Noida's best Architecture firm- Infinite Designs. Her parents were apprehensive, but she was positive and determined. Only if she knew she was going in for a rollercoaster ride that would turn her life upside down.

Haider Minhas was one of the most desired men- the eligible bachelor and owner of a successful Architecture firm. He charmed the ladies with his good looks, mysterious personality and money, of course. Though many women swoon over this billionaire, Haider fell for Alina the first time he set his eyes on her; someone who wasn't enamored by him. But soon, his love turned to obsession.

Will Alina be able to figure out what was up with Haider and what she was getting into? How far will Haider's obsession with Alina take him?