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His Curvy Fan

Authors: StaceyTaylor86

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 29-08-2022

Status: Completed

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Mercury has been through so much in her life and has become an author. Her best friend who is a few years older than her, Delanee, is a big photographer and recently has been hired to do the biggest job of her career. She has to fly to England to do these photoshoots and decides to offer a job to Mercury that she knows will help her out as well. She needs somebody who is great at writing to write a big article that is meant to be published in a big well known magazine and happens to be featuring on the cover, Stephen James.

Mercury is excited for obviously being able to land a job like this that pays great but also, mostly because she will be meeting Stephen James who she has wanted to meet and uses mostly in her stories as the main character.

She isn't sure if she can do it because he has no idea that she writes using him mostly as the main character but also isn't sure she can stay focused in an interview with him because of how much of a crush she has on him and just, well, come on.

Hey guys! this is my first fanfiction and want to do a shoutout first of all, to the person who helped give me the motivation to writing a fanfiction, ConsciousDreamer! Which you guys should also check out her stories as well. TY!! I hope this makes you proud. If this does turn out good and you guys want more, let me know. But hopefully you all enjoy this either way. :):)

By the way, even whenI put 'All Rights Reserved' in all my stories it's the contents and NOT the photos or videos I use that are my own, but all the rest of the contents are mine and are all copyrighted by law! So this one is no different. Plus I have the disclaimer on my profile. So please stop messaging me and READ FIRST the disclaimer. Ty! Happy reading!! :):):):):)

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