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Authors: FunHailstorm7

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 25-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Aleah has been told all her life that she is worthless and weak by her older sister, Amora. But, when Aleah finds out that she is going to be betrothed to the enemy prince, Darian, she finds out that she has ancient powers dating back hundreds of years.
As the days until the coronation when the king chooses which of his children will become the true heir dwindle down, a murderer infiltrated the castle and is slowly killing off all of Aleah's siblings one by one.
Not only does Aleah have to deal with her betrothal to Darian, but she has to find out how to control her powers and who is the man behind the murders and fast before it is too late. But, as much as Aleah tells herself otherwise, she can't stop noticing certain feeling for Darian who she has despised her whole life.

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