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Authors: BlueShoreBooks

Genre: Fantasy

Update: 25-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Travelling the galaxy with a rag tag crew, Gabe works as a canned goods delivery boy aboard the Beetle, a hunk-of-junk, pink space ship.

When the crew are assigned to deliver cans to Black Delilah, a planet famed for it's shamans and arcane tattoos, Gabe decides to get a tattoo for strength so that he can stand up to his bullish crew mates.

The crew party hard on Black Delilah, rocking up at Galactic Ink out of their minds, breaking tattoo etiquette, and offending the shop's shaman. The Shamans agree to do the tattoo, but Gabe ends up with a different design to the one he choose.

Gabe has no idea what the tattoo means or what powers it possesses. The tattoos magical ink spreads under his skin, seeping into his veins. Black Delilah's ancestral voices are screaming in Gabe's head, telling him not only to slaughter his own crew, but to destroy the entire galaxy.