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Authors: -acidharold

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 12-07-2022

Status: Ongoing

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"Who's that over there?"

The man looked at me like I was from outer space, or perhaps like I lived under a rock, maybe a mixture of both.

"Him? They call him Full Throttle," he chuckled with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

I scrunched my nose up in confusion.


The man threw his head back and laughed before answering me.

"Because he doesn't hold back. He does everything at full speed... racing, girls, and-" the man cut himself off, seeking as though he was catching himself spilling a secret.

"And what?"

"Don't worry about it."

THIS BOOK IS PURELY A WORK OF FICTION! The characters in it are in NO way a representation of the people chosen to play them. It is merely a story, and they fit the physical description best for their characters. The characters I have created are completely fictional, and in no way relate to my thoughts and or feelings about the people I have chosen to play said characters!



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trailer and cast

prologue || trouble

one || retail therapy

two || burning rubber

three || constructive criticism

four || making enemies

five || let's put on a show

six || (little) red solo cup

seven || behind closed doors

eight || dancing with the devil *

nine || unwanted wakeup calls

ten || practice runs and pay raises

eleven || gum on the bottom of my shoe

twelve || high rev's and revenge plots

thirteen || pedal to the metal

fourteen || rock, paper, scissors, shoot

fifteen || bite the bullet

sixteen || break me *

seventeen || working overtime

eighteen || duty calls & bodies fall

nineteen || the grim reaper

twenty || to spit or to swallow *

twenty-one || breaking through the unbreakable

twenty-two || the never-ending headache

twenty-three || hindsight is a son of a bitch

twenty-four || meet you at the track

twenty-five || no sense of direction

twenty-six || welcome to the show

twenty-seven || would you like to come to the gym?

twenty-eight || no ends except dead ones

twenty-nine || i dont take rules, i make them

thirty || all done up

thirty-one || you shut me up real quick

thirty-two || the roaring 20s

thirty-three || playing with fire *

thirty-four || ms. james *

thirty-five || comfortable silence

thirty-six || coffee mugs and quiet company

thirty-seven || show me your true colors

thirty-eight || fess-up, finley james

thirty-nine || where do we go from here?

forty || he's right behind me, isn't he?

forty-one || shut up and drive

forty-two || golden boy

forty-three || talking to the moon

forty-four || red light risks

forty-five || call me sometime

forty-six || rockin' records and shaking walls *

forty-seven || tell me what you want *

forty-eight || squirrels in the attic

forty-nine || off to the races

fifty || things we shouldn't have said or seen

fifty-one || cause of death

fifty-two || he who shall not be named

fifty-three || digging up the past

fifty-four || cloth-covered canvases

fifty-five || life imitates art *

fifty-six || pissed off and provoked

fifty-seven || blissful ignorance

fifty-eight || self defense

fifty-nine || restraint and restraints *

sixty || let the phone ring *

sixty-one || driving (me crazy)

sixty-two || a couple of shots deep

sixty-three || smells like teen spirit

sixty-four || bohemian rhapsody

sixty-five || we meet again

sixty-six || ticking time bomb

sixty-seven || the chain

sixty-eight || sunbeams, songbirds, and him

sixty-nine || running out the clock *

seventy || you have one new message

seventy-one || a conscious nightmare

seventy-two || you better run

seventy-three || spare parts and broken hearts

seventy-four || the upper hand

seventy-five || ready for takeoff *

seventy-six || tokyo drift

seventy-seven || cutthroat