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Read Forever. (Supernatural Fanfic) COMPLETE -

Forever. (Supernatural Fanfic) COMPLETE

Authors: PhoenixHarrow

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 26-11-2021

Status: Completed

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Ever since you were seven you knew something was up with Dean Winchester. You were childhood friends for a couple of months and then just poof? He gets up and leaves with only a note from his father?
Now, you're twenty-six and a badass at hunting. Ever since your father got turned to a vampire you've been trying to learn how to save him, or how you could have. So far, no success. One night you're on a hunt and all of a sudden two boys are standing there. And that's where I'll take you, readers. To the day that you, Alex Harrow, were saved by none other than, the Winchester Boys. The years fly by and you have many adventures.

This story is written in first person POV and switches around when I see fit, readers can fluctuate the story with input and my ideas. ;3

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