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Fix This (One Piece WA 2017)

Authors: madhatter_85

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 26-04-2020

Status: Completed

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Law is prepared for everything, from stoping a certain straw-hat boy from raiding his fridge to a bread apocalypse. He was even prepared to pay $200 to fix the back of his car after a dumbass t-boned him.

Law was prepared for everything, everything logical that is, and all he wanted was for his car to be fixed.

What he was not prepared for was a lipstick smudge on a business card, and he definitely was not prepared for a glow-in-the dark mini golf date with a eyebrow-less redhead

Started~ 3/14/17
Finished~ 5/19/18

Highest rank~ #3 kidlaw

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