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Falling in love with the Muslim girl ✔

Authors: TheSecretWriterr94

Genre: Spiritual

Update: 02-08-2019

Status: Completed

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[My stories do NOT represent Islam, they represent most Muslims nowadays]


"So I can't be this close to you?" Brody softly asked, pretending he didn't know the rules of my religion.

"THEN LEAVE", he added pointing towards the door.

And that's when it hit me, it wasn't him who was holding me there.. it was my own body that was craving for his touch.

"LEAVE!", Brody shouted.

I was looking at him, not moving any part of my body.

He grabbed my waist with both hands, pulled me closer to him until our bodies touched.

"You have no idea how many times I've dreamt of this moment", Brody whispered.


She is;
And Muslim

He is;
A bully
A jerk
And is unsure about his believes

He used to bully her, she used to hate him... But what will happen when they get paired up with eachother for their project? And will one of them develop feelings for one another?

Read and find out.

•Also, this story involves religions like Islam but that doesn't mean that the characters in this story are perfect.. We all make mistakes•

And Allah (Subhana Wa'Tahala) is the best of planners. [Holy Quran 8:30]

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