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Falling for red

Authors: daand666

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 24-12-2021

Status: Completed

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"The Only Difference Between The Good Guys And Bad Guys Is Perspective."
Scarlett Eve Pierce likes to think she's an average student that only has a slight tendency to not follow the rules.
Dakota Carter Kai is your typical player that knows he doesn't follow the rules.

New girl Scarlett, freshly moved from England, stumbles across Dakota and his friends. Both with a dark past and illegal presents can these two find a way to get along or will they be stuck hating each other indefinitely?

Come along the adventure and see what happens when an American meets a Brit. A little bit of cliché and a little bit of unexpected.
Not edited (Warning there's quite a few spelling, grammatical errors.)
Prologue + 61 Chapters + Epilogue + 4 Bonus Chapters.
Started- February 16th 2021
Completed- April 7th 2021