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Fake It All the Way

Authors: KateLorraine

Genre: New Adult

Update: 15-04-2022

Status: Completed

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When Ph.D. candidate Scarlett is forced to play loving wife to her mentor's playboy son, the last thing she expects is to fall for the fantasy herself.


Scarlett Rong has dedicated her life to anthropology, and she wouldn't have it any other way, even if her overbearing Ph.D. mentor makes a social life impossible. Dr. Alexeev has the power to make or break Scarlett's career and there's no way she's risking that. Even if it means getting roped into a holiday scheme that can't possibly be university policy. When Maxwell, the rebellious son of Dr. Alexeev's ex-husband gets into a car accident that leaves him with amnesia, Alexeev is far from heartbroken - in fact, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to find out why he's planning on signing his billion-dollar company away to his best friend for pennies. Before she knows it, Scarlett finds herself playing doting wife to the infamous playboy to find out the truth. But as the lies become more entangled, Scarlett finds herself questioning her involvement in this scheme, and more importantly, what her true feelings are for the handsome billionaire. A fake marriage was hardly on Scarlett's wish list this year, but maybe Maxwell is more of a gift than she initially suspected...

[[Word count: 50,000 - 60,000]]
Cover designed by Regina Dionela


Chapter 1 - Primates a.k.a Men

Chapter 2 - Sealed in a Shady Business Deal

Chapter 3 - O Mrs. Bozo

Chapter 4 - Memories of a Nonexistent Marriage

Chapter 5 - Sexual Selection of the Billionaire Male

Chapter 6 - Wifeland

Chapter 7 - Of Gorillas and Glorious Tidings

Chapter 8 - It Came Inside a Tupperware Clear

Chapter 9 - Deck the Hospital Halls

Chapter 10 - Joy to the Science World

Chapter 11 - Should Auld Girlfriends Be Forgot

Chapter 12 - New Old Fashioned Tricks

Chapter 13 - Make the Parties Bright

Chapter 14 - Your Pint-Stowp or Mine?

Chapter 15 - Morning Bar Fights 'till Dine

Chapter 16 - Dinners Long Ago

Chapter 17 - Remember the Spouse You Used to Know

Chapter 18 - Baby, It's Gold Inside

Chapter 19 - No Place to Go, Let the Truth Show

Chapter 20 - Later On, We'll Find the Liar

Chapter 21 - In the Winter Air

Chapter 22 - Mr. Grinch and Mr. Thing

Chapter 23 - Do You Know What I Know?

Chapter 24 - When it Seems the Marriage's Slipped Away

Chapter 25 - May All Your Christmas' Be Wife

Chapter 26 - All I Want is a Maxwell for Christmas

Chapter 27 - It's Kind of Sad Without Me

Chapter 28 - Nothing's Merry 'Bout Heartbreak

Chapter 29 - Christmas Ex-Boyfriends Will Say I Love You

Chapter 30 - With Tinsel On Our Minds

Chapter 31 - Save Me from Bobby

Chapter 32 - Too Many Lonely People

Chapter 33 - Last Christmas, I Gave You My Vows

Chapter 34 - The Scientist Felt Her Worth

Chapter 35 - Not Quite Birds of a Feather

Chapter 36 - From the Bottom of My Purse

Chapter 37 - Professor, Are You Listening?

Chapter 38 - More Than The Jerk Can Ever Know

Chapter 39 - You'd Fake Me Again

Chapter 40 - Holidays Gone By