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Enticed By Professor Pierce (Book One)

Authors: _Maraaaa_

Genre: New Adult

Update: 14-10-2022

Status: Completed

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"Are you aware of your actions, Miss Ashton?" His eyes studied me as he slowly sat back in his chair, waiting for me to confess my sins.

"No, Professor."

"Do you know what happens when you can't obey my rules?"

I was too focused on his body to answer his question. The way his thick fingers tapped against the table lit up a fire inside of me. I couldn't wait longer; I needed the professor inside of me right now.

"Answer me," his voice roared across the empty class.

"No, professor."

"They get punished and fucked like the dirty sluts they are. Stand up and pull your skirt up. I want you bent over the desk while I fuck you from behind."


Warning: Contains mature scenes and language.

BWWM & Age Gap

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