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Authors: Aaanaa_01

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 27-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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I think some souls have a way of connecting without our knowledge.

That's why you can meet someone for the first time, but inside you just know.

You know it is not the first time you've felt them.

The storyline of this story is only belongs to me and I am not shipping the idols. This is for your kindly information. the credits goes to the right full owner.

(Enchantè means, nice to meet you. In French)

This was my first fan fiction, I hope you guys will like it. Usually I read a lot of fan fics and I used to create fan fictions in my school with my bestie and we use to write it in a paper like that I made a lot of fan fics. This is one of my fan fic. And a first time to upload it in social media. If this story is bored you I'm sorry and please forgive me. I really want to thank my bestie who help me.

An introduction about the story:
This is an High school story a girl who lives with her sister and has a lot of problems in her careers. She is looking for a way to get to her dreams. She found her love in her High school.

Main lead:
Bae Joo-hyun (Irene)
Kang Tae-oh (Tae oh)
Supporting lead:
Kim Ji-soo (Jisoo)
Jung Hae-in (Hae)
Supporting lead or cameo:
Lalisa Manobal (Lisa)
Jeon Jung-kook (Jungkook)

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