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Read DRV3 headcanons, one-shots and other stuff [COMPLETED] -

DRV3 headcanons, one-shots and other stuff [COMPLETED]

Authors: old_account_archive

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 25-06-2022

Status: Completed

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Hi, hello!
In this (trash) book, you can find one shots, headcanons and other stuff based on the DRV3:KH series for the world to see. Feel free to drop a request and add to your library!
UPDATE: This book probably contains inconsistencies, some grammar issues, and some missing characters. Forgive me for that!

((Note: If requested, I will write for characters from the first two games. However, don't expect much of them.))

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(H) DRV3 boys with an s/o who has a fear of bugs

(H) How the DRV3 boys act around a shy s/o in public

(H) When the DRV3 boys realise they have a crush

(H) DRV3 cast sexualities

(O/S) Leon Kuwata x reader

(O/S) Rantaro Amami x reader (absolute cringe)

(O/S) Teruteru x reader

(CxC H) Maki x Kaito

(H) How the DRV3 boys react to you nearly dying

(H) Masaru with a child!s/o-to-be who's on an opposing sports team

(O/S) Shuichi x reader

(H) NDRV3 boys react to a movie night with a tired s/o.

(H) NDRV3 girls react to an s/o coming out as gay/bi/pan/etc...

General DRV3/WoH headcanons

(O/S CxC) Himiko x Tenko

(O/S) Kokichi Oma x Yandere(?)!Reader

(O/S) Shuichi Saihara x Male Reader

(O/S) Hagakure x suicidal!reader

(O/S) Human!Kiibo x Despair Sisters

(O/S) Kaito x Jumpy!Reader x Kokichi

(H) Kiiboma, Makaito and Gonoshi headcanons

(O/S) Yandere! Korekiyo x Reader

(S) The DRV1 boys find out you get bullied

(O/S) Fuyuhiko x Hanahaki! Reader

(O/S) Himiko x Fem/Male! Trickster! Reader

(O/S) Kiibo x Sick! Oma (+ requests open!)

(H) Kokichi teaming up with s/o for a double murder

(O/S) Kiibo x Oma x Shuichi x Rantaro

(O/S) Kiibo x Reader

(O/S) Game! Kokichi x Fandom! Kokichi

(O/S) Gundam x Reader

(H) The DRV3 boys with a s/o who's a secretive poet

(O/S) Nagisa x Child! Reader

(O/S) Kokichi x Reader

(Imagine) Mondo x Ishimaru

(O/S) Kirumi x Ryoma


(O/S) Ishimaru x Shy!Paranoid!Reader

(O/S) Kaito x Reader

(Texting) The DRV3 cast get a group chat

(O/S) Korekiyo x Reader

(O/S?) The DRV3 cast go on a roadtrip

(A/N) Kokichi x Reader book!

(H) The DRV3/2/1 boys with an s/o who's gullible

(Something) here's a daily dose of memes

(O/S) Ishimaru x reader

(H) Random headcanons (all versions)

(O/S) Male! Tenko x Tsundere(?)!Reader

(O/S) Human! Monotaro x reader

(O/S) Nagito x Reader x Hinata

(Just for fun) The DRV3 squad throw a party

(Just for fun) The DRV3/2/1 squad does a group project

(O/S) Maki x Kaito

(O/S) Mondo x Male! Reader

(Prompt) Kokichi x Kaito

(O/S) Kiibo x Miu CRACK

(Just for fun/H) The DRV3 boys react to fanfiction about themselves

(O/S) Hagakure x Reader

(Just for fun) *obnoxious laughter*

(O/S) Kirumi x Child! Reader

(H) The DRV3 boys react to an s/o who proposed

(Just for fun) Rating the DRV3 characters from worst to best waifu

(O/S) Gonta x SHSL Zoologist! Reader

(H) Kokichi on his birthday with a male s/o

(Just For Fun) DRV3 Cast Musical Theme Songs

(O/S) Kirumi x Miu

(O/S) Kiibo x Self-aware! Defensive! Reader

(H) How the DRV3 cast plays Mario Kart

(O/S) Kaede x Fem! Reader

(O/S) Ryoma x Reader

(Just For Fun) The DRV3 squad get a group chat pt. 2

(O/S) Kokichi x reader

(Just for fun) The DRV3 cast goes on a roadtrip: the sequel

(O/S) Fuyuhiko x Male! Reader

(O/S) Kokichi x Twin! Servant! Reader

(O/S) Kokichi x Shy! Fem! Reader

(O/S) Kokichi x SHSL Actress! Fem! Reader

(H) The DRV3 girls react to a movie night with a tired s/o

(O/S) Shuichi x Mute! Reader

(O/S) Chiaki x Hinata

(O/S) Chihiro x Fem! Reader

(O/S) Hajime x Split Personality! Reader

(O/S) Nagito x SHSL Archer! Reader

(O/S) Maki x Kaede

(O/S) Shuichi x Depressed! Fem! Reader

(Just For Fun) I roast(?) all the DR characters (from the main games)

(O/S) The DRV3 squad have a platonic movie night with Y/N

(O/S) Miu x Cutesy! Fem! Reader

(O/S) Kokichi x Reader x Shuichi

(O/S) Kokichi x Suicidal! Fem! Reader

(O/S) Kokichi x Himiko

(O/S) Nagito x SHSL Archer! Reader Part 2

(O/S) Fuyuhiko x Protector! Reader

(O/S) The DRV3 boys as older brothers


(H) The DRV3 girls as older sisters

(H) The DRV3 squad as parents

(H) The DRV3 squad as grandparents

(O/S) Cheater! Rantaro x Reader x Shuichi

(O/S) Ishimaru x Male! Actor! Reader

(O/S) Himiko x Artist! Reader

(H) The DRV3 squad at a pool party

(O/S) Kaede x Miu

(O/S) Kokichi x Split Personality! Suicidal! Reader

(O/S + Crack) Teruteru x Kokichi

(O/S) Ryoma x Supportive! Reader

(O/S) Ibuki x Leon x Sayaka

(O/S) Angie x Reader

(O/S) Human! Monokuma x Reader

(O/S) YouTuber! Kaito x Fan!(Youtuber!)Reader

(H) The DRV3 squad's favourite foods

(O/S) Kokichi x Reader x Kiibo

(Just for Fun) The DRV3 squad add Y/N to the group chat

(O/S) Rantaro x Reader

(Just for Fun) The DRV3 squad and Y/N kill succi

(Just for Fun) Things that I desperately want

(O/S) Kokichi x Kaito

(Just for Fun) Fan made punishments

(O/S) Shuichi x Korekiyo

(O/S) Mastermind! Ryoma x Male! Cyborg! SHSL Police Officer! Reader

(O/S) Miu x Male! Crossdressing! SHSL Historian! Reader

(H) The DRV3 squad with a short s/o

(O/S) The DRV3 squad goes bowling with Y/N

(H) The DRV3 squad as cats

(O/S) The DRV3 squad have a sleepover at Y/N's house

(H) Kokichi and Mikan with a SHSL Actress! S/O

(O/S) Kokichi x Cold! Fem! Actress! Reader

(O/S) Seme! Honest! Kokichi x Uke! Liar! Male! Reader

(O/S) Tsumugi x Kokichi

(O/S) Mastermind! Kokichi x Fem!Reader x Mastermind! Kiibo


(O/S) Chiaki x Aware! Hajime

(O/S) Shuichi x Fem! Hyper! Reader x Kokichi

(Just for Fun) How to survive a Danganronpa trial

(H) The DRV3 squad on Halloween

(Just for Fun) Epic Rap Battles of DR!

(Just for Fun) If DRV3 was actually a TV show

(Just for Fun) Epic Rap Battles of DR #2

(Just for Fun) Just Danganronpa Things

(Just for Fun) Epic Rap Battles of DR #3


(Just for Fun) Unused Ideas!

(Just for Fun) Epic Rap Battles of DR #4

(O/S) Kirumi x Fem! Reader

(O/S) Kirigiri x Werewolf! Fem! Reader

(O/S) Rantaro x Moodswing! Fem! Reader

(O/S) Shuichi x Kokichi x Fem/Male! Crossdresser! Reader x Kiibo

(O/S) Kokichi x E-Sports Gamer! Fem! Reader

(O/S) A Very V3 Christmas!

(A/N) we did it reddit

(O/S) Kokichi x Bipolar! Fem! Reader

(O/S) Killer! Shuichi x Fem! Reader

(O/S) Kokichi x Fem! Despair Disease! Reader

(O/S) Mastermind! Kokichi x Yandere! Mastermind! Reader

(O/S) Pregame! Shuichi x Male! Reader

(O/S) Ryoma x Fem! Reader

(O/S) Gonta x Sick (Asthmatic)! Fem! Reader

(H) The DRV3 Squad Spend Valentine's Day with their S/O

(A/N) Tagggged

(O/S) Fuyuhiko x Child! Reader

(H) The DR squad watch a horror movie with a horror loving S/O

(H) The DRV3 squad go to the beach

(H) The DRV3 squad celebrate Y/N's birthday

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(O/S) A Final Visit To Hope's Peak Academy

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