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Read (Drifting time) Genshin Impact OneShots♡︎ -

(Drifting time) Genshin Impact OneShots♡︎

Authors: SadLilBitc_h0_0

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 06-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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My bored ass tryna cure my boredom. Im a person who gets bored easily so each oneshot will be unique and have different genres. And gender neutral y/n cuz I don't want to side to a certain gender


Request Page ♡'・ᴗ・'♡ (Closed )

Lisa x Y/N - Library shenanigans ( ♡︎)

Xiao x Painter Y/N( Muse. ♡︎)

Venti x Goddess - Prankesters (Fluff)

Jean x Fem reader - Way back home (⚠︎︎)

Diluc x Y/N - Delivery (❤︎)

Childe x Reader - Modern AU (Fluff)

Diluc x Y/N - Delivery (⚠︎︎)pt 2

Bennett x Y/N - Bad luck ( Fluff )

Ninguang x Y/n - Runaway(♥︎ )

Kequing x Fem Y/N - Rocking boat(⚠︎︎)

If genshin impact was an otome game pt1.

If genshin impact was an otome game pt2.

Your first day in genshin high .

The npc's of genshin impact .

Zhongli x Male Cryo user - Date (♡︎)

Albedo x Y/N - Hiding .(Modern au♡︎)

Xingqiu x Y/N - Away from everything(♥︎)

Beidou x Y/N - Drunk ( ♥︎)

Kaeya x Y/N - Liar and liar (♥︎)

Xiao x Y/N - Mojito ( Modern AU ♥︎)

Albedo x Y/N - Hiding ( pt 2)

Venti x Herbalist Y/N - Beautiful stranger (♡︎)

Zhongli x CEO Y/N- Behind the scenes (modern au ⚠︎︎)

Kazuha x Gamer Y/N - Nights and cuddles (vampire au ♥︎)

Prince Tartaglia x Mage Y/N - Stay with me ( Fantasy AU ☹︎♡︎)

Songs for each character

Let the hate begin

If genshin impact was an otome game pt3.

Royalty Y/n x Thoma - Mask off ( 🖤 )

Harbinger Y/N x Gorou - Down the rabbit hole

Ayato x Y/n - We meet again. (🖤)

Y/n x Scaramouche - Sacrifice to the Thunder dragon ( Isekai AU)

Manager Y/n x Kaeya/Diluc - Office romance?

Albedo x Y/N - Pervert alchemist keeps staring at my boobs

Reincarnated Y/N x Heizou - Chasing the white rabbit.

Y/N x Scaramouche - Thunder dragon (part 2 and smut? Lime ig)

Siren Kazuha x Sailor Y/N - Beneath tides

Gorou x Harbinger Y/N - Down the rabbit hole (pt2)lime