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Don't die! (Gwi x OC)

Authors: pd_nadja_

Genre: Vampire

Update: 29-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Phoebe is a normal 17 year old girl who lives a very happy life with her family in Germany.
She always had a very good relationship with her mother, until they had a huge argument over Phoebe's school exams.
Phoebe ran into the forest to be alone but a accident happened and she fell down an waterfall.
When she woke up she was in a completely different time period.

Now she has to fight against vampires and try to stay alive to go back to her family.
But that won't be so easy because especially one vampire kept an eye on her.


1. I'm german so there may be a few spelling errors, sorry for that.

2. The characters don't belong to me except Phoebe.

3. Mentions of blood and violence.

4. This will be a completely different storyline than in the drama!

I would be happy if you give my story a chance and read/vote for it <3