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Do I Hate You?

Authors: yhits_siyaa

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 08-10-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Kiara Singh-Adams
High school was..not perfect, but SO much better before he joined. Last year, to be specific, and he has left no chance to be a pain in the fucking ass. Whether it's to hide my homework (which is why I now have to do two copies) or constantly start an argument over things as sensitive as food. Coupled with the sky high academic expectations from my parents and my own overthinking, it's safe to say my life is not completely fucked but definitely heading that way.

Rico García
Moving to a different high school was supposed to be a 'positive change' according to Mama at least, but it's not so positive when the one of the first faces I see in school is hers. To add to this, she's in basically all my classes and she's always in my line of sight. Fucking amazing. That's not to say I'm gonna let her walk around school in peace. It's my sole duty to enjoy watching her get annoyed with me. Especially after she pulls off stunts like stealing my football gear and constantly starting an argument over things as sensitive as food.

A rivalry which began a year ago in high school. One which neither of the two is willing to get over. But is it really just rivalry when there's friendship, jealousy, admiration, guilt and love buried under the only emotion they're supposed to feel for each other? Hatred.

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