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Diary of a Bad Boy

Authors: xxLohh_kittyxx

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 23-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Tiana a 17 year old who had an annoying brother relocated to a town in New York.

She'll be meeting a lot of students in her school.

She's a nerd, what happens if she encounters the bad lad in her school who doesn't give a fuck, but will later get wrap around her finger.

Blake Dawkins is way more attracting, and dangerous than his three friends. Ryan, Darien and Leslie. Boys envy them, girls fall at their feet.

"........The hall was empty, I wasn't paying attention, when I bumped into a wall, and I fell flat on my butt.

Looking up to see I actually just bumped into a boy who was wearing gray hoodie with a glass, he looks intimidating.

I was a little pissed he couldn't save me from falling but I knew I couldn't do anything. So I just stood up and stared at him.

He had a cold expression on his face 'hey bitch, watch where you're going I won't spare you next time' he said coldly before walking away. 'What the hell just happened??'....."

What happens when he develops a crush on Tia, who's doesn't even notice him.

Find out in the story👌
WARNING: Swearing, violent words in excess if you're not a fan of those then this is not for you.
This book is fictional.
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