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Devil's Little Helper || Bnha x villain reader

Authors: Smol_anime_weeb

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 25-08-2020

Status: Completed

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Y/n was given the curse of the grim reaper. Cool, right? She could recover from any injury in seconds, levitate any object or life-form, summon a bad-ass scythe our of thin air, and travel to hell. She knew Satan himself! (he is a real pain in the ass)

But she lost somebody...or some people, very dear to her when she was little. And y/n will stop at nothing to get them back. Even if it means becoming a villain.

So that's what she did.

Soon enough Y/n was a nasty villain, given the name...


But she is just misunderstood. In her eyes, she has done nothing out of the ordinary for family.

She tells herself, 'it's for family.' every time she second guesses her decisions. And she still thinks it is right. Nothing will change her mind.


🌟crackhead shit🌟

Disclaimer - I do not own bnha/mha I only own this story. Also the artwork for the cover is not mine.

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Story started - March 13th 2020
Story ended - July 13th 2020