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Demon in the wrong time

Authors: Sidney_Manison

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 07-12-2021

Status: Ongoing

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Kayo Higurashi is Kagome's adopted sister, when Kayo was just a toddler her biological family dumped her into the Higurashi's well, where Kagome's mother found her and took the strange child in.

She was found wrapped in a black and white robe that looked to belong to the feudal era. With crimson eyes, and long black hair; as you could imagine, she didn't fit in very well.

Years go by, and then one day she and Kagome fall through the very place Kayo was first found in.

What happens when Kayo can't pass back through like her sister and even finds out she's a pure bred dog demon? And what'll happen when she gets separated from her group and ends up meeting her real father? And who else to come but her new friends along with...Sesshomaru and he's gang?