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Death's End

Authors: fredandderrick

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 14-05-2022

Status: Completed

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Is it create a world where people will live forever? A world where you and I no longer fear death?

Zenvix Nighvicto, prince to the fallen nation of conquerors, knows the answer.

Beset by the loss of his homeland, he sets out on a quest with his unruly retainer Yurisviel Yaleheart and the hot-headed sorcerer Jerius Lyvia to stop a man from invoking an ancient ritual that will cease death as they know it.

But the odds are stacked against them, as they fall perilously behind time. Thousands have perished with unbridled bloodshed, and sinister plans have been set in motion to thwart the trio.

If they fail...

Then people will live forever, yes.

But not in a way they imagine to be.

Mild language and sexual content
Most chapters are safe for work / school

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