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Dead by Daylight Oneshots (Character x Reader)

Authors: GamersTale

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 01-12-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Y/N is a veteran survivor who was thrown into the horrific trials of the Entity years ago. Through those years, they developed special bonds with their teammates and with the bloody thirsty killers that hunt them down. How did these special bonds come to be? What interactions do they have inside and outside the trials?


Requests Status: Closed (Currently working on three requests)


Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters in the game. All characters are owned by their respective creators.


Anyways...I wanted to write some character x reader for DBD since I play the game and I like the characters.

As far a warnings go, there will be violence as well as the mention of blood and possible gore. No pictures of any of it though. There will be NO smut or lemons.

I did create the cover so please do not use it.

This is my first fanfic so please be nice. :)


Started: December 25th, 2021
End: N/A

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