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Daughter of Zeus ✔

Authors: Red_Harvey

Genre: Fantasy

Update: 17-09-2022

Status: Completed

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Ada, a cashier in a consumer-tech dystopia, uses electro-pulse capabilities on a revenge mission against her father. Along the way, she hopes to discover the source of her power. Ada's life changes with her new abilities. She blames her father for her husband's death, and fears being discovered by the Prominent-run State. Unusual citizens are labeled N.A., never to be seen again.

Yet, Ada has little to lose when her mother lands in the hospital and needs money for a new synth. She drives to Atlanta, intent on finding her father and making him pay. However, he's no longer the alcoholic she remembers. Moretz has transformed into a Congressman with a family and a new name, ready for a Senator's seat.

Ada's scheme lands her on the N.A. list, leads a stranger to stalk her, and stunts her relationship with her newfound siblings. Soon, she has to decide which is more important: a vendetta, or forgiveness.

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