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Cupid's Twain

Authors: Preshytreenah

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 18-01-2023

Status: Completed

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"What? Who said anything about liking him? No! I don't like him". I replied quickly.

"Stop lying to yourself... You can't beat Cupid". She said.

"I said I don't like him, now you're talking about love?" I scoffed.

"Yeah...You two make such a perfect Cupid's pair". She squealed, then blushed...."just like Carlos and I, don't ya think?"

"Carlos is way out of your league, no offense but you're totally different from him, you're the opposite of him!".

"That's my of magnetic force states that...unlike forces attracts, while like forces repel...see? I and Carlos are unlike...we're perfect for each and Aiden are also unlike...he's a bad're a..i wouldn't say good girl tho buh you're his opposite, thus you're perfect for each other". She said with much confidence as she smiled.

She's totally lost It..

I stared at her, my left eyebrow, twitching.... "Did you hit your head?" I asked...

"No..c'mon!" She groaned.

"You're saying nonsense....I can never be attracted to an obnoxious, pompous brat like him". I scoffed.

"Keep lying to yourself". She sighed. "Just wait till you guys fall in love and i remind you of this day...meanwhile, i'll post something on my blog, tagging you guys 'Cupid's couple, pair, Twain...yeah Twain, not much people use the word Twain like the word it'll be hashtag 'Cupid's Twain". She winked at me

"I'll kill you" I told her...

"You won' know you love me". She pouted.